Sunday, 25 November 2007

Election results

Great happiness in this household today! Not only has the Howard government been definitively voted out of office, but it looks as if enough people here in Bennelong have finally decided against John Howard as their local member. There has been a 5% swing against him, towards Labor. Postal votes are still to be counted, of course, so it's too soon to dance about that.

It would be very satisfying if he went down in history, not as the noble successor to Robert Menzies that he imagines himself (Menzies would turn in his grave), but by joining Bruce as the second Prime Minister ever to lose his seat.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Scatterday T

This week has been touched by the letter T, and the categories clothing, purple and hot things.
This week is in honour of Tribes, those long relationships with a group or family. For clothing, we have the assistance of the delightful Tahlia, granddaughter of my friend Fran, modelling her school uniform of T-shirt and Tartan skirt. She also offered to model her Togs, as she was off to a swimming lesson.

To demonstrate purpleness (and clothing), I was going to model the purple Top I made last year with my newly-finished Trousers. But I'm Too idle to Transfer into Them for the photograph, so instead, There's the quintessential purple Tree of Sydney, the jacaranda. They Triumph with purple Tracery all around my local area at This Time of The year and, along with the start of the cricket season and the deafening Trills of cicadas, are a clear sign that summer has Truly arrived.

Finally, Tahlia's grandma, Fran, provided a delightful afternoon Tea for her friends, from *her* grandmother's very hot Teapot. Talk about continuity!

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Scatterday H

Happy Scatterday! Today's letter is H and the categories were Human, Toys and Soft.

Here we have some of my favourite humans, a happy Jeremy playing hobblijig with his grandpa. It hardly seems any time at all since we were playing hobblijig with his father! There is a family rhyme that goes:
Mummy's horse goes jig jig jig (jiggle child a little)
Daddy's horse goes trot trot trot (jiggle child violently)
But old farmer Hobblijog's horse goes.... (expectant pause)
Hobblijig! (Allow child to fall between your legs, holding firmly despite shrieks of laughter)
Child says "Again!"
I'm told this is a translation of a German version of the rhyme, which makes sense since David's forebears were German.

A toy helicopter inhabits our toybox, along with many friends who drive tractors, mend the roads,and put on circus shows for the many children. Today, the pilot is taking a holiday from his truck-driving duties because he wears a hardhat and has such a lovely handlebar moustache, in honour of Movember. (If you know anyone growing a Mo for Movemeber, to raise money for and increase awareness of men's health issues, sponsor them!)

I was stumped for soft things until I realised I am surrounded by soft hand-made goodies. So here we have hand knits, hand embroidery (Kas made me the beautiful cushion) and a reminder to hang onto Hope.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Scatterday O

Oh, what a week it's been! My scatterdays have been scattered this week but despite being out all week, I managed to drag together this oddment.

I bring you an ordinary and rather obvious breakfast in the form of oatmeal. I'm sure I won't be the only oatmeal eater!

For little things, I'm delighted to have the opportunity to open up my collection of owls. Here's one that reminds me of ormulu, but probably isn't. I also have an orchestra of owls and an overview of owlish ostentation.

The world is shiny in many ways (I could have brought you a shiny owl too). Here we have some of my shiniest orange organza. And a man dear to my heart contributed his very shiny occiput.

"Shiny", in the words of my daughter means "wonderful,marvellous". So I bring you Kas and Jon, together at last.

Highly shiny!

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Like Honey from the Rock

After two months of no free-motion embroidery, I finally risked a little stitching on Honey today. My hand was a little sore afterwards, so clearly I'll have to work on this fairly gently. The progress I've made is probably invisible, as it was more medium values that hopefully will give the impression of rough rock textures. I'm working from darks to lights, so I'm quite encouraged to have reached values that might be considered light.

A couple of people commented on Honey in ways that made me realise they didn't understand what I was doing. There aren't any appliqued shapes, just a collage of rock images, which are being created in stitch on a printed background. Here's a detail of the lower left corner. You can see the area that hasn't been stitched yet (it's a very light section)but the rest of the shapes are created by blending machine stitching, mostly free-motion straight stitch but some areas have free-motion zigzag stitching. This is why it's been so time-consuming! Every section has to be stitched in multiple colours.

Scatterdays Letter A, round things, vegetables and Things you like the smell of

Another Scatterday already!

Today's Scatterday is brought to you by the Letter A:

I love vegetables but artichokes are awful and aubergines barely acceptable. The article I adore is asparagus. Lightly steamed, with a dab of butter - bliss! Here is my asparagus in all its glory, in various states of appreciation and... utterly absent! Yum.

In the round, I bring you those blessings of the modern world, analgesics, including the useful aspirin, and for those who prefer to keep the doctor away, apples.

Lovely smelly things include my roses, which are just finishing their annual, or sometimes biannual, appearance. This rose was in my garden when we arrived in 1984. I was told by a rose fancier that it's called "Abraham Lincoln", though my books say that the red rose like this is actually called Mr Lincoln and I don't think this is it anyway. But today I'm believing the rose fancier. The scent is one of those dark rich rose scents that fill the house from one bloom.

Next week: The letter is O and the categories are Breakfast, Shiny and Little Things.