Monday, 14 July 2008

Scarf finished!

I've fallen behind with blogging these past few weeks - just too much happening out there in the real world. But I did finish my first scarf on my beautiful new loom! I just love it, even though I can see all the things I need to learn how to do better! I couldn't think how to photograph it so here it is hanging on my bedroom door.
I deliberately have kept to firm yarns, not the fluffy or feathery ones that are more forgiving for the beginning weaver. I really want to learn how to weave neatly, making nice firm selvedges, so I need to be able to see every time I don't get it right.

Making silk paper

Another fun day playing! Today, Fibrecircle made silk paper, which I find is a Very Useful Thing to have in one's stash. The process is really easy; the hard part is choosing fibre colours that work well together.

I made one multicoloured one in blues, reds and golds

and one in red and gold with sparkly Angelina fibres embedded in it. This one is hard to photograph, like all shiny things, even without using flash.
I always seem to be a bit stingy when I lay down the fibres so the result is always quite thin and lacy. I quite like that but I need to learn to apply the fibres with a more liberal hand!

Silk paper is really easy to make. I used tussah silk and added Angelina fibres.
I laid down a piece of tulle (netting) and laid silk fibres onto the tulle until it was covered, making sure the fibres crossed one another and were not all lying in the same direction. On the second piece, I laid the fibres at a 45-degree angle to the sides of the piece and at right angles to each other, to avoid the obvious vertical stripes of the first piece. I placed another layer of tulle over the topand brushed over a detergent solution on both sides, to open up the fibres and make them receptive to the adhesive. Then I brushed over textile medium on both sides. We tried drying the samples flat but they are very wet, so we eventually hung them to dry, which was naturally much faster. When they were dry, I peeled off the layers of tulle.