Wednesday, 12 November 2008


I missed the Fibrecircle meeting this week, due to my annoying cold, but I thought I would play a little with the materials I had packed to take. The result are over on the Fibrecircle blog, if you'd like to have a look. Basically, I was printing onto fabric using a rolling pin, a brayer, some straw placemats and Fiskar's Texture Plates. My favourites, though, are the monoprints I took from the glass board I was inking from!

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Now for the aaah moment...

What a fabulous day!

Kas and Jon listening to the celebrant..

Jon saying his vows...

Kas putting the ring on Jon's finger

and a happy moment during the signing of the register.

And Tim, the bridesman (left of the last shot), caught the bouquet.

"Now", he mused, "I'll just have to get a date..."

Thank you to everyone who sent good wishes for the day. They seem to have worked, the rain held off until ten minutes after the ceremony finished.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

And while we're talking about the wedding..'s a shot of the wrap I'm weaving for Kas to wear. I'm about halfway through and it's looking great. The warp is fine baby wool, the weft is silk/mohair, so it has a little fluffiness. Very soft, very pretty...


Do mothers of the bride nest-build? Today I was overcome with the need to tidy out the wardrobe in the spare room. I found five bags of clothes that Vinnies will just love, including one bag that belonged to an aunt who died four years ago. OK, to be fair, under orders from the nursing home, we used to mind most of her off-season clothes, because she had no room to store them. But, yes, they could have gone to charity long since. Why this week?

I guess I feel like to should be Doing Something, but most somethings have been done and the rest have to happen this coming week. Perhaps it's a little unsettling when one's only daughter, and last child to marry, finally walks down that red carpet?

Well, psychology aside, I do have a nice clean cupboard and another little task for my ToDo list.