Saturday, 16 August 2014

And more about the knitting...

Meanwhile, I've been going great guns on my knitting. It's amazing how quickly it grows, when you do a couple of hours every evening. I don't think I could knit much more than that - my hands would get too sore!

I've finished the back, the two fronts and one sleeve now, and I'm halfway up the second sleeve.
It's still unblocked, of course, hence the rolling edges but I wanted to show you how it was progressing. I'm glad I used the yarn this way, as I think it might have just looked like stripes otherwise. And one doesn't need to buy variegated yarn just to knit stripes. I could probably make a multicoloured striped jumper just from yarn I have on hand.

As one does, I've been looking ahead to the next knitting project, even though I probably won't get to it until next autumn, unless the weather stays very cool. I bought some yarn for dyeing a couple of months ago but that's waiting for me to get the dyes out one day. So in the meantime, I bought some of the new 1984 range in 8-ply Colonial yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills in #286 Maroon. It seems to have been a hugely popular shade, because it's no longer listed on their website!

It's hard to photograph well! It's not really what I would call a maroon, as it's really closer to cherry. It's also not very close in colour to the maroon jumper I am replacing after years of sterling service, which is in a shade that's often called cranberry these days. I don't think I'd even seen a cranberry when I made it, so I don't suppose they had yarns called that, back then either!

Whatever the name, I love the colour of this yarn. I had a jumper in this colour back in the seventies, which I also wore to death, so I'm expecting great things from this one too.

(Is it really sad of me to be able to remember all the jumpers I've knitted and loved, in the past forty-something years? There has been a lot of knitting, as I was taught to knit at age 7 and allowed to knit my first actual jumper a few years later. I guess that amazing sense of achievement, the "I made that!", stays in the mind long after the creation has been worn to shreds.)


Jennifer said...

Just as well you aren't a shrinking violet - because you will certainly be seen in your cardy, it's rather gorgeous! Oh no, not the maroon jumper - it has certainly earned its keep. I looked at those 1984 colours but nothing called my name.

Nola said...

More like a bunch of peonies! But yes I do like it. Don't worry, the maroon jumper will still go on, darned in the elbow and all, unless I decide the yarn is worth saving. After all this time, probably not, though.