Thursday, 8 May 2014

And while I was knitting...

I whipped up these fingerless gloves for my daughter, at her request. As a writer, her hands get really cold but she can't wear gloves and type, so these are ideal.

She specified no pattern on the back, as this can be distracting when she writes, so I limited myself to a little twisted rib on the cuffs. It's pretty, I should use it more often.

Again, I'd forgotten how quick and easy they are to make. The yarn is Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic (yes, I do like that yarn, why do you ask?) 8ply, colour 658 Mallard.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

It's knitting season

The weather is cooling down and, for me, that means knitting season. I don't miss knitting during the summer months, but somehow, as soon as it gets chilly, long before I need a knitted jumper or jacket, I start browsing the knitting stash and pondering.

This year, the choice was easy. Late last winter, my husband begged me to make him a sleeveless jumper. He feels the heat in the same way that I feel the cold but even he sometimes needs an extra layer.

It was too late in the year to start, but the yarn was there ready to go and we'd already worked out a pattern.

It was really fast to knit - I probably could have done it last year! I forgot how long it takes to knit sleeves.

The basic structure is my tried-and-true Patons basic pattern from about forty-five years ago. The diamond and cable pattern is a variation on traditional ganseys worn by fishermen in northern England and Scotland. The yarn is Bendigo Woollen Mill's Classic in 5ply, colour 740 Lichen, knitted on 3mm and 3.75mm needles.