Sunday, 28 February 2016

Missing in action...

Ever have one of those times when you just go, go, go? Yep, that's the story of the last three moths. A combination of visitors, the untethered Group exhibition, a quick trip to Yass and Canberra, and a lot of admin for various part s of my creative life all pushed blogging to the bottom of my list.

However, now things have settled down, I can take a minute to show you my work hanging in the ATASDA untethered Group's exhibition, out of hand, last November.

Wanton, 60cm x 102cm
"Back in the nineteenth century, out of hand girls were labelled “wanton” and sent to reformatory schools. They never escaped that label; it followed them throughout their lives. These days, the concept of someone being wanton seems laughable. Society’s ideas have changed so much. But public labels like this are damaging in any age - degenerate, communist, terrorist, slut – and so many of them apply only to women. They’re used to marginalise and silence people and we shouldn’t meekly accept them.
I’ve loved printmaking since I was a young woman, and I come back to it again and again as a way of expressing ideas and emotions. Recently, I’ve been combining printed cloth with hand stitching. I love the way that hand embroidery becomes part of the cloth, while printing inks sit on the top. The relationship adds a depth and texture to my work. I find printmaking exciting and challenging but hand stitching is meditative and emotionally satisfying."