Sunday, 12 June 2016

Drawing baggage

Here's the beginning of my baggage drawings. There will be more yet.

My next theme for drawing is:
"Write twenty nouns on paper scraps and put them in a cup. Drawn one out and draw it; pull out another and put it in the same drawing. Repeat with at least five items."

Okaay... sounds interesting. Five things chosen semi-randomly in the same drawing.


Jennifer said...

It sounds interesting indeed!

Jennifer said...

It does sound interesting, indeed!

Nola said...

And my twenty words, chosen with a random number generator from two separate lists of concrete nouns (I'm not going to try and draw abstract nouns!) are... (drum roll)...spring, needle, orange, ring, hat, church, tray, spoon, wheel, engine, card, study, horn, bird, dish, frame, lock, finger, cloud and tooth. Should make for some very strange pictures!