Saturday, 31 May 2008

Quick sketches

I decided I'd experiment with some quick line drawings and water colour wash, since these are the media I'll be taking with me when I travel overseas later in the year. So I'm just doing quick sketches from memory of things I have been doing each day. Some have captions, some don't yet. It's really more about mood that representational drawing. ATASDA people covering the library books.
Drafting my daughter's wedding dress on a grey day
Shopping with my darling mother-in-law - I often think we must loook like Fatty and Skinny! Not sure why this one came out so grey, though it was a grey day. I really enjoy her company.
Erica and I went to the Hunter's Hill Quilt Show yesterday and they had these beautiful little quilts hanging up in the sunshine. It's an an old sandstone building with these beautiful semicircular steps, made just for the pleasure of the shape.


Yarngarden said...

your drawings look like fun Nola, nice to do and fun to share. Have you tried watercolour pencils and or Neocolor pastels? They are instant fun, no need for brushes.

Jenny said...

Great, fun sketches Nola. Glad you had a big table for drafting that wedding dress. Maybe we should swap wedding drafting stories! Jenny