Sunday, 29 June 2008

A little catching up

I've been meaning to share these lovely things that friends have given me lately.

First, Erica gave me these gorgeous dyed cheesecloth pieces a few weeks ago. I don't know what they will turn into but aren't they beautiful? I just love these rich colours.

Then my friend Prue brought me this gorgeous little owl bead from Timbuktu To Kathmandu in Noosa, because she knows I collect owls. Sorry about the picture quality but it's so hard to photograph such tiny things. Isn't it cute? I'll have to think of something very special for this one!

Then my friend Kaite sent me a little piece of MailArt to brighten my day.
I'm sure my postman will be very intrigued!


Kaite said...

the dyed cheesecloth looks interesting, more for the stash!
And I just love the little owl bead, he could be a little talisman to wear to keep you safe.
I've put your link on my blog now.

Tonniece said...

Hi Nola

I've been catching up here, and boy have you been busy.
I love your beads, the foils are lovely, and your sketches fantastic, and your new toy....well sounds like you're haveing fun with that.
Can't wait to see that wedding dress. I know it's gorgeous.

Lovin the cheesecloth, very pretty.

Happy Sunday