Monday, 14 July 2008

Scarf finished!

I've fallen behind with blogging these past few weeks - just too much happening out there in the real world. But I did finish my first scarf on my beautiful new loom! I just love it, even though I can see all the things I need to learn how to do better! I couldn't think how to photograph it so here it is hanging on my bedroom door.
I deliberately have kept to firm yarns, not the fluffy or feathery ones that are more forgiving for the beginning weaver. I really want to learn how to weave neatly, making nice firm selvedges, so I need to be able to see every time I don't get it right.


Tonniece said...

This looks lovely Nola. And I just love your silk papers. So rich in color and texture.

Have a great day

Dianne said...

Love the color of the scarf. Looks fantastic for your first one.
I know you will be a brilliant weaver with a little pratice..