Friday, 13 February 2009


I really haven't felt like blogging lately. Watching the tragedy in Victoria unfold, I felt that my own concerns about textiles were very small and unimportant. It's hard to imagine the scale of the tragedy - whole communities burnt, so many lives lost, so many people left with just the clothes they were wearing. Balanced against that is the enormous upwelling of generosity - the volunteer and agency firefighters who put their lives on the line every year during fire season, the people I know making quilts and children's gift bags and pet beds and clothing, sharing their fabric and yarn stash with other crafters and above all, with money through the various donation points. If you want to help these families who have been left with nothing, the Red Cross is taking donations, and many banks have set up Bushfire Relief accounts that you can transfer money into. I know St George Bank has one and Bendigo Bank Please help these families get back on their feet.


KaiteM. said...

well said. K.

Louisa Otis said...

I've been following news about the bushfires from California, which goes ablaze every year. Today's paper said 7000 people are homeless. Incredible.

I enjoy reading about your quilts. Please visit my quilting blog at


Nola said...

Louisa's blog is a professional long-arm site, with lots of photos of customer's quilts.