Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Graffiti art

Remember the graffiti fabric I did with the Fibrecircle group last year? You can read about it here and on my blog here. I decided to add some colour to my piece, so I painted it with Setacolor transparent paints. I used the transparent ones because I wanted to retain the layering of other elements underneath, whether they were painted or not. Here's how it looks now...
I just love it!

Several people who have seen it asked about the colour blending. I wanted to make it like graffiti as much as possible, so I worked on the assumption that most graffiti artists don't actually carry a huge sack of spray cans with them. I figued it was more like primary colours plus a black, at best. So I limited my palette to red, blue and yellow. The blue is actually an opaque paint, which I mixed 50:50 with the base medium, which made it transparent. Where I wanted to blend colours, I sometimes laid down the brighter colour first, eg yellow, and then overpainted it when it was dry. Other times, I painted up to a wet section with the second colour and then brushed the two colours into one another with a damp brush. Texture was added from the drawings over which I was painting.

We are supposed to make it into something before Feb 8, but I'm not sure I can bear to cut into it.


Kaite said...

It looks lovely, but just think how much better it will look once it's cut up. Go on, put a blindfold over your eyes and just make that first cut. Nice to see you're back on deck. K.

Skye said...

It's amazing!!! It does look like graffiti...I can't wait to see what you create with this piece..It certainly will be pure art..hugs, Skye

tlqueen said...

What a fun piece. I looked at your older post to see it pre-color and, oh my, what a dramatic difference the color makes. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Nola - I absolutely love LOVE what you've done ... you have got so much talent!

I can understand you not wanting to cut it up etc ....

Congratulations :-)

:-) sue :-)

PAMELA said...

I absolutely love it too! Fascination alive with its colour, shape and movement. Whatever you do with it, however it is cut up, it will be fantastic. I look forward to seeing it evolve.

History said...


I just love the colour, and shades and how the composition sits as a whole with its transparency- it has a nice balance to it so would be rather a shame to cut it up! It reminds me of those intricate Heye jigsaw puzzles I used to buy in the prismatic boxes which had so much detail to them that one could look for hours and every minute find some new detail happening.( Still have one called Chicago- which I must drag out and revisit.
There is "no limit" to your creativity? If you did cut it up I hope you photographed it first!!
Would make a lovely wall hanging.Pehaps you will need to create another along similar lines.