Sunday, 17 April 2016

Imaginary creatures

The next theme generated in my personal drawing challenge was

Draw an imaginary creature
Themes like this always feel  such a doddle to me. It's just doodling, isn't  it? Which is just as well, because I didn't have a lot of drawing time or the energy for it this week. But I want a mix of quick, don't think too much drawings
In the end, I made three drawings. I deliberately kept them quick, because last week's one  was so careful and trying to be accurate.
I thought, what if rocks came to life, coalesced and walked away? So here is my rock monster.
He's a bit tidier than I wanted and not quite as massive. But distinctly rock-like.
Then I just doodled a sea monster. I've done a lot of sea monster drawings and doodles so this was a bit of a cop-out.
I really like my last one, because, in drawing really quickly, I seem to have captured a mood.  It was a left handed drawing too - sometimes that gives really interesting results.
 He looks terribly pleased with himself, doesn't he?
I thought I'd share my themes ahead of time, so anyone can jump in and draw along with me. Just send me a link in the comments, so I can come and look. My theme for next week is: -

Draw any animal with your left hand

(Darn, could have saved up my third one for a rainy day...)


PAMELA said...

Nola, these are delightful. Especially like your rocks idea. No promises but I might give this a try. Keep going, won't you.

Nola said...

I'm not rushing myself, Pamela, just trying to draw something at least every week. I have too many other commitments to think I can draw daily. Happy if you want to come along for the ride - no pressure!