Saturday, 11 August 2007

Holes, full of secrets

Signs of spring - the jonquils are flowering
Isn't it annoying when you fall into a hole? I have done that this week. Not just creatively, but in every area of my life, things seem to be on hold. Waiting to start new meds, waiting for spring, waiting for the Assistant Gardener to have time to help clear the overgrown veggie patch, waiting for the garden supplies to come so I can do plant those tiny seeds and watch the miracle of life begin. One nice bit of waiting has been starting to plan our Europe trip next year. We have a rough outline of where we will be and when, and now we can start to flesh it out with what we will see and do.

Creatively, there's been a bit of waiting too. I've been working on quilt blocks, for later sharing. My quilt group is making friendship blocks this year - one for each person each month. No drama, there are only four of us in this group! But the blocks won't be revealed until our Christmas lunch in December, so I can't show them here. I'm also working on a couple of other secret projects, including the book pages for Like Minded Artists - my life is really full of secrets just now! So you'll just have to imagine me working busily at all these things I can't share just yet.

Oh, one bit of waiting has come to an end! The bread is calling me from the oven... mmm delicious!


Dianne said...

I can wait to see you "Secrets" as I'm sure they will be worth waiting for!! Home cooked bread - yum!!!

Carol said...

Just think of how much you will have to share when you are able to show your secrets.

I love home made bread and the aroma that wafts throughout the house. Cinnamon and raisin is my fave with home made strawberry jam - yummy.

Dianne said...

Oh I have missed you dear Nola..
You always make me smile..
So going to Europe I'm so excited for you.. I'll be waiting axioisly to see your surprises....
I wish spring right around the corner for you...