Thursday, 6 September 2007

And the visitors have arrived...

Sydney is in "lockdown" (as the media keep telling us in excited tones), in honour of APEC meetings being held over this weekend. This means that Sydney's citizens, those of us who actually live here in this beautiful city, are being encouraged to go away, lest our activities impinge upon these few world leaders and their entourages of literally hundreds of people. The Art Gallery is closed over the weekend, but that's understandable as most of the roads allowing access to it are closed too. The Opera House and Darling Harbour are closed to all but our special visitors, and nobody better think about going to Bondi for a swim, because apparently someone is having lunch there and it's closed too. Bad luck if you are a tourist visiting Sydney - many ferries and all the Jetcats are cancelled and you have little chance of seeing any sights, as they are closed off and obscured by a lovely concrete and metal fence, designed to safeguard these important visitors. Ain't democracy great?

Just how effective this fence is has been amply demonstrated. Yesterday evening, two blokes wandered off the street into the Intercontinental Hotel, where George Bush is staying. They had a drink in the bar and then ate dinner in the restaurant. As they were leaving, they were approached by security, demanding to see their security clearances (which they obviously didn't have). They were hastily hustled out across the road and told to go away. Well, they were going anyway, weren't they? They'd had their dinner. I bet someone got a tongue lashing for that one! Meanwhile, this afternoon, the comedy team from The Chaser's War on Everything apparently drove up to the hotel in a motorcade, and got within metres of the building before someone twigged that they were not, in fact, a Canadian delegation. They were last seen "being interviewed by police", who were not amused. But gee, a lot of the rest of us were!

The only good part of this is that we get a public holiday tomorrow, which we're using to help Karen move house, in Wollongong, which, being all of an hour away from the action, doesn't get the public holiday.


Riverina Leadlight & Fine Art said...


How lovely to be able to view such an stunning exhibition. While you may think you are waxing lyrical, it was great to read about it . We are certainly disadvantaged out here in the country where access to such exhibitions are almost non existent!

Re the Sydney lockdown.... seems most " locals" have left town and gone bush!( Not to be confused with George Dubya!!.) I tend to think that politicians have now lost the plot regarding just who they represent- and that it is the average people like us which vite them in to power!!! I think somwewhere like the Crocodile resort in the NT would have been a perfect place for this summit- as thre is plenty of space to create a walled compund to keep the politicians in ratehr than the plebs out with little inconvenience to the people who live where they decide to meet!
It goes to show how arrogant they can be... threats or no to their safety. I was wondering with regard to The Chasers incident whether anyone is able to discern between Bin Laden and anyone wearing a white outfit and a grey ( now seemingly turned black ) beard.I guess the Jackboot tactic nowadays is if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it definitely is a duck.. so lock it up!I guess one can now be charged for just being in the " wrong place" whether it be a public place regardless of not being a threat-just because someone puts up a wall!
Well enough of the soap box..nice to see the creative juices are still flowing.

Tonniece said...

I so agree, it is a shame that we "the common folk" are banned from our towns so that "politicians" that are voted in by us can run amuck so to speak.
(And I thought it was a royal pain when they cordoned off 4 or 5 city blocks for a parade that was contained in a 2 block radius). Haveing to put up with the whole town being shut down like that would push me over the brink I think.
But as you say Nola, you at least get a Holiday out of it.