Saturday, 29 September 2007

Time flies...

....and especially blog time. I haven't blogged much lately because I haven't made any small art, and I haven't finished anything big to share. I stupidly overdid the detailed machine stitching in July and August, and injured the tendons in my hand, so I haven't been able to do any machine embroidery or machine quilting this month. Rather annoying, as I have Ben and Lee's quilt ready to sandwich for quilting, and also the Cross and Crown one from the 2007 Kambra Challenge. I don't like to pin quilts unless I'm ready to quilt them. And a lot of my other projects require intensive stitching.

I have still been busy though. I can hand piece, so I've been continuing on with a long term project that's been my hand project for most of this year. It's a signature quilt from the Southern Cross Quilters list. For several years, the list ran a monthly signature swap, in which members made a 6 1/2in signature block and an accompanying square of a specific colour. These sigs are from 1999-2000, and were accompanied by a yellow fabric square. I decided to set those aside and use a more interesting scrap setting. I might add that I also have SCQuilters sig swaps from 2001 (blue and yellow squares) and 2002 (various colours), not to mention two sets of Christmas sigs, ICQ SCQ sigs from when we used to chat live, sigs from the spin-off Year Quilt list and a top made from the original blue sig squares, from 1998 and earlier. I could be making SCQuilter signature quilts for a very long time! Isn't it good to know I will never run out of things to do? Here's what the current top looks like:

Sorry about the foreshortening, my design wall isn't big enough and it's been too windy outside for photography. I'm really enjoying hand-piecing this top, and I don't really mind how long it takes me to finish it.

I've also been working, very slowly, on a quilt for my sister-in-law. I've made just one block, so this is likely to take me some time too!

It's going to be very pretty, isn't it? It's progressing slowly because I need to concentrate to do needleturn applique, and I need good light, so it only gets done by daylight. I make lots more progress on things I can do in front of the TV at night.

I've also fitted some pants, and have the first pair almost finished, and the second pair cut out. I've made more quilt blocks for the secret swap - only two more months to make before we swap them in early December. My veggie patch has bean seedlings and tomatoes and squash and lettuce and silverbeet and parsley, and some potatoes.Growing my own vegetables is one of the great pleasures of life, exceeded only by the pleasure of eating food you've grown yourself. I really missed doing this last year!


Lindi said...

Oh Nola, how awful for you! I hope your tendons get better soon.
The signature quilt looks good. And I really like the block for your SIL.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see a blog update Nola... sorry that you've injured yourself :-(

But especially lovely to see your beautiful pics and hear everything else you've been up to :-)

sue :-)

Dianne said...

Wow love the block for your SinL
its sure is darn pretty..
You will have work forever, all those blocks are so cool I look at them really enlarged very special..
I do hope your hand get all better. Mine are fine now..
You'll be getting your Pages reall soon...

Tonniece said...

Sorry to hear about your hand,and hope it gets better real soon.

So good to see what you've been doing though, and that the injury has not stopped you from creating all together. The quilt look great.

Get better soon


Erica said...

Would you like to make quilts out of my scquilters siggie swaps too?

Carol said...

Hi Nola sorry to hear about your painful injury.

I love your block for the new quilt. It will look gorgeous.