Saturday, 19 February 2011


There's some progress to report on the tidying of the workroom, and quite a bit of progress on the orphan blocks quilt top. I now have twelve 12in blocks:
Looking good, isn't it? I'm amazed at how quickly they go together! I've started with the awkward sizes, 7 1/2in blocks and so on, and they are much quicker to make into 12in blocks than I'd ever imagined. I'm only working on them in the evenings, when I watch TV (not that often) and occasionally during the day. I still have a pile of 4in and 3in blocks to play with, as well as a number of the 6in blocks I pieced from 1 1/2in Half-Square Triangle units. You can see one of those in the bottom left hand corner. I added slightly oversize pink sashing triangles to two of them, to make them 8 1/2in finished, and then added the pieced border to this one. I am generally making them in pairs, so there is some continuity between the blocks. They'll probably have sashing between the blocks in the end.

The real challenge has been to keep it interesting. I got bored with piecing sashing for the 7 1/2in Nine Patches (top left and elsewhere) but I still have some of those blocks to use. I have a lot of different sized Log Cabin blocks too. Some may become a border, just as they are, but the odd-shaped ones need something to be added to them. Unless I get too bored.

I've cut out a couple more of the blue and white Bear's Paw blocks, for when that time comes! That's an old UFO, dating from 1998. The original blocks were a friendship swap from a group of quilters who were library staff at Kuring-gai Library, back when I was Turramurra Librarian. I think I received five or six in the swap and I've gradually made more over the years, so I now have 15, 14in blocks. It will be a quilt one day, and a lovely reminder of some very good people. Wonder how many more I need to make? I guess I should decide how big I want that quilt to be!


kaite said...

i guess the size depends upon what you're going to do with it too. it's lookin good, better than a whole pile of orphans. k.

Jennifer said...

Jolly good - and it didn't really take very long! Looking forward to seeing the Bear's Paw blocks.