Friday, 4 February 2011

Not very creative!

Not much happening in my textile life lately. January never is a peak time for me, creatively. I have been piecing quilt blocks but the interminable job of restructuring my workroom continues. I have made a lot of space, and have more things to toss and rearrange, which should allow me to work more efficiently in the space. Well, that's the plan! If only people wouldn't keep wanting to sleep in my spare bed, so loose stuff gets put back into the workroom again.

Still, it's February now, so I hope to get some more creativity flowing!


Jennifer said...

People are very inconsiderate, aren't they......fancy wanting to sleep in your spare bed!

Nola said...

Indeed! I think they have all gone home again for a while now, so the spare bed can revert to its true function of creative storeroom.

Next, I'll be whingeing that the family doesn't come and visit often enough!