Saturday, 18 December 2010

Early Christmas present

My quilt group had its Christmas party last week, and we gave each other our Christmas presents. Since October 2009, we've been making each other quilt blocks in our chosen colours, every month. You may remember we did the same thing back in 2008? This time, Karen chose red and white blocks, Lorinda chose blue and yellow blocks, and Sharon asked for shabby chic Birds in the Air blocks. I chose batiks on dark blue so I received these 39 gorgeous blocks from the girls. Here's how they looked laid out on my floor:
They're sitting on the paper bags they came in, so you don't really see them at their best, but I don't see myself taking better photos this coming week, on account of there's some small religious holiday happening soon. They really do look brilliant, and I've made some more blocks along the way, to bring them up to a more useful number. I'm not sure how I'll set them yet, but I'm thinking they need more dark blue background, to make the colours really pop out. I haven't actually quilted the last one, so there's no rush!

Here are the blocks for the others:

Sharon's Shabby Chic Birds in the Air blocks
Lorinda's Blue and yellow blocks
Karen's red and white blocks
Don't they all look great? The amazing thing is that we so rarely use the same fabrics, even though we all tend to shop locally. I guess it shows how much choice we have in patchwork fabrics these days!


kaite said...

just in time for your birthday - happy birthday soon...k.

Jennifer said...

They are indeed gorgeous! What a lovely lot of blocks, I look forward to seeing how they are made up.

PAMELA said...

You must feel like the bees knees with your gorgeous block collection. Happy Xmas & Happy birthday too.

Munaiba said...

They're all lovely though if I had to pick I'd go with your batik blocks. They're really special. Closely followed by the blue and yellow.