Monday, 25 October 2010

More fabric drawing

I'm really enjoying drawing on fabric, even when I don't actually have a plan for what I've made. I have a large collection of paint rags, some painted or printed deliberately, some the by-product of painting sessions, but most a combination of the two. I trawled my folders today and found this piece:
It's a bit boring, but it's been hanging around since 2006, so I decided to use it for drawing today. Here's how it looks now:
You'd hardly recognise it as the same fabric, would you? I was planning to cut it apart but I actually like it as it is. Back into the fabric folder, I guess!


kaite said...

it reminds me of something, i just can't remember what at the moment. what pen, what ink did you use? i've recently discovered Faber Castell Pitt pens are good on fabric. k.

PAMELA said...

The original is transformed into a magic piece of fabric - definitely to be cut up when the time is right.