Friday, 27 March 2015

Taking a small step from printing...

I had a lovely day with Maz recently, dyeing some bits and pieces. Nothing particularly remarkable - this was bib-and-braces dyeing, stuff that's going to have something more interesting happening to it. But in the interest of process...

I dyed some cotton yarn I bought at an op shop recently. Unlike most op shop finds, it was labelled, Twilleys of Stamford, and there were 50g two balls, more than enough to do something interesting with. I often rescue interesting cotton yarns from op shops as I have a long term plan to weave something with them, once they're dyed.

It's turned out rather more... orange... than I expected, considering how much pink it had. But it will be wonderful woven with another couple of colours.

Then I did a whole lot of cotton fat quarters and slightly smaller pieces, thinking I will probably print on them.

The smaller pieces will either get used for testing prints and/or cut apart for fabric packs or used in a quilt I'm currently cutting from my dyed fabric scraps.
Finally, I dyed a couple of silk habotai scarves, which were kept pale because I definitely over-dye or over-print them.
Basically, a useful day rather than a terribly creative one, though space dyeing is always fun!

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