Thursday, 2 April 2015

Carved block printing

Yep, still trees. I'm trying to stay ahead with my journaling for Fibrecircle by making sure every bit of printing I do includes at least one tree. This time, Claire and I were using our screen printing inks (Permaset, Derivan). Claire was working with the compressed sponge stamp she cut last time we got together, as you can read in her blog post.

I decided I would carve a stamp from EzyCarve but one turned into two - one relief, one inscribed, both trees. My inspiration was this photo I took about 20 years ago in Lord Howe Island. I liked the image as it was, but also because it reminded me a little of the shape of thorn trees in Africa, so these stamps could be used in the book I'm making.

I started with a rubbing with Inktense pencil, just to check out what the stamp looked like.
I noticed I hadn't cut the background as cleanly as I'd like, in the left hand top corner, but I actually liked the effect so I left it as it was.

Then I made a straight stamp in black ink.
I deliberately inked the stamp with a brush, so I would get some texture marks.

Then I went on experimenting with intaglio printing. I painted the block with yellow ink, wiped the surface clean and painted over with a runnier black ink. This one is not hugely successful, because I made the black a little too runny. It does look rather atmospheric, though - you expect to see a witch on a broomstick in the far distance.

I printed this one from the remains of the previous one. I think it's the best from this stamp.

I deliberately reversed the incised image so it would look different. Here's the watercolour pencil test rubbing..
This one was a rubbing with layers of colour and then an outline added afterwards with black pen and ink.
 It's too tidy for my liking!

I made this one by wetting the cartridge paper first and then working on it with the same colour watercolour pencils.

Moving onto inks, the black print...
Again, you can see the deliberate brush marks.

This intaglio version is the reverse of the other block - black first in the lines, then runny yellow over the top.

This is my favourite of the day's prints.

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