Saturday, 25 April 2015

out of hand

Moving on from the prostitutes, I started thinking about techniques.

I'd already decided that printmaking would feature in my work. I pondered how that might work.
  • The strength of screen printing is repetition and this is a single work.  Maybe partly screen printed if I need a repeat pattern somewhere? 
  • Printing in series on a single work is interesting and might work, if I use the same image repeated in some way. Not for Wanton, but maybe another one.
  • Monoprinting on fabric interests me but it's hard to do on fabric on a large scale.
  • Stencilling works on a large scale, especially with a freezer paper stencil ironed to the fabric. So that will probably be the way to go.

At this stage, homework was due. The group had decided that we would all make mood boards to bring to the first meeting, so I had been collecting all kinds of images and colours, to try to pull things together enough to articulate to a group of other artists.
I'd been collecting all sort of bits and bobs that somehow spoke to the theme.

(I'm a lot further advanced that these posts suggest - I didn't start blogging about this until I was already underway. I find it hard to talk about what I'm doing, when I'm making something from an idea - it's as if talking about it dilutes the idea.)

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