Monday, 8 June 2015

Sailing to Byzantium

I finished my page for this project week or so ago. See how quick and easy it is, once you get the idea? I've added the Greek text - the beginning of John's gospel, "In the beginning was the Word..." as a second sheet behind the first, so it's partly obscured. I'm hoping they look like a couple of old sheets of parchment.

I also have a structure for my book now. I had used the last two verses of the Yeats poem of the same name as inspiration for the participants. So I decided I'd use the same verse as the structure. The actual poem is probably now just out of copyright, as Yeats died in 1939, but I don't want to use the poem itself. I may use a few words, as focus.

I'm not sure how much further I'll progress with this now, because I have other more important things to get on with!


Jennifer said... looks like an old fresco!

Nola said...

Thanks, Jennie! I'm happy with it. It will probably go back into the cupboard now for a few years until it pops up again. I have too many other things on the go right now. I just needed something to work on in the meantime.