Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Untethered - out of hand

I meant to write more here about my work for out of hand  but I got distracted between other blogs and the Untethered Facebook group.

I'm finally about to print my silhouetted lady - this week, I hope! I know exactly what I want to do with her now, so it's just a matter of doing it. Once I have her printed, I'll post a progress photo.

What you'll see first is the lady with the bright red label Wanton. Once you get closer, you'll be able to see that the background is built up of positive words, in a font like ransom or poison pen letters. They fade into the background because of that strong label. Stay tuned for images...


Jennifer said...

A wanton woman......a hussy! A floozy!

Nola said...

Indeed! No better than she should be. And all that.
As you probably guessed, the idea is how easily we label people, and how the label comes to be the most important thing about the person, to the exclusion of all the other things one might say about them.
I started "safe" - wanton is a concept that we find ludicrous nowadays, but it had huge power only a century or so ago. But what if the label is "dole bludger" or "illegal immigrant"?