Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Making print plates 4

The fourth plate I made was a fairly basic kind of collagraphs, the kind we probably all made as students! I used cardboard, cork sheet and self-adhesive foam letters to make a marine ply plate covered in letters. I wanted to see whether the different surfaces printed in interesting ways. Like many other textile artists, I like including text and lettering in my work, so this plate was made with a specific context in mind.

I did three test prints with Permaset inks on cartridge paper. Although the plate was sealed, the sealing clearly wasn't adequate, so the plate, especially the cardboard, gradually disintegrated. The foam letters were also ink-greedy, as you'd expect.

I actually don't mind the final plate, which I'll seal again for future printing. I like the way there are gaps and partial letters. I may make more partial letters with cork sheet, as I like the speckly texture it gives.
This is one you'll definitely see again!


Jennifer said...

No trees? I didn't make anything like this......looks like I missed out on some fun!

Nola said...

Maybe a paper tree silhouette before I print, so I get a tree on an alphabet background?

I can't believe you never glued spaghetti to a piece of cardboard and then printed the results? Or cut out cardboard shapes to glue on? I thought that was in everyone's compulsory art class!