Sunday, 1 May 2016

Drawing left-handed

I was struck down by an evil lurgy, so I've done nothing creative for a fortnight. Sigh.

But I have drawn some animals with my left hand, the last drawing challenge before it all went south.

First, a Hairy Eary Thing, as a warm up exercise:

Every part of this was with the left hand, including the shade-and erase on the creature's back. Using an eraser with the left hand is harder than using a pencil!

Then I drew a frog-like creature, as inspired by a frog drawing from my god-daughter many years ago. (She'd be surprised at what I keep!)

I suspect her five-year-old drawing of a frog was more frog-like than mine! Pen drawing is scary. I tend to go for simple outlines, because I'm scared of doing texture with pen lines. Something new to overcome.

Then I decided to stop fooling around and try to draw a frog left-handed from a photo (not having any pet frogs, I couldn't draw from life).

I'm actually quite pleased with that. I'm not sure I could draw it any better with my right hand! Though you'll notice I didn't draw it in ink...

Next week's challenge?
Draw marginalia in an old book
OK, this is going to be a real challenge.
I don't draw in books.
I don't do altered books.
I just don't.


Jennifer said...

The lurgy is not a Good Thing......let's hope it is taking its evil self somewhere else.

I quite like the Hairy Eary Thing!

Nola said...

By and large it's taken itself off, thank goodness. And no-one I know has come down with it subsequently, so my conscience is clear!

Yes I like the hairy eary thing. I just started with the ears and kept going (oh, you can tell?).

I thought it was quite amusing that my first frog really was very like Emily's frog from years ago. My left hand is obviously still five years old, as far as drawing goes.

PAMELA said...

Your left hand is working well and a therapeutic benefit too given your lurgy. Thought you would like to know my attempt at drawing with LH was only ood enough for the inside of my drawer! Keep going with drawing Nola, your frogs are lovely.

Nola said...

Thanks Pamela! My left hand is noticeably less agile but then I expect less of it, which I guess is the point of the exercise. My first frog is probably bottom-of-the-drawer material but it was a warm up. I remember trying to draw something primitive years ago and I found I couldn't. Didn't occur to me to try with the left hand!