Thursday, 9 June 2016

Drawing marginalia

I've been sick, I've been travelling and then I was enormously busy. So much for drawing every week! But these things always happen, with this kind of project.

I did manage to draw some marginalia, though, in between all that stuff. I found I couldn't draw in a book - some things are just too ingrained. So I chose an old copy of a magazine called sturgeon from 2015. It contained an article about The Telepathy Project, a Melbourne-based duo of Sean Peoples and Veronica Kent. They are interested in the possibility of alternative kinds of communication, like telepathy and dreams and they carried out a dream project with Julie Rrap, a Sydney artist.

I found this quirky and interesting, and my marginalia reflects some of the elements of the dream diaries that Sean and Veronica kept during the project.



What did I discover from this exercise? Well, marginalia is hard. The scale is tiny, of course. The magazine has a wider margin than I'd have found in most books, but it was still quite small to draw something in. I think something abstract, pattern-related, would be much easier than trying to draw little images.

Next time, I'm not using the random generator. I need to do some drawings for a project I'm working on, so my theme is going to be baggage. Not mystical emotional baggage but drawings of the bags people all over the world use to transport their essentials of life.


Jennifer said...

That's an interesting exercise......and yes, I imagine there wouldn't be much room in a magazine margin.

Nola said...

It was one of those arty magazines with a fair bit of white space but that was the only bit that grabbed me enough to draw onto and, as luck would have it, the margins were narrower.

I have this ingrained idea that drawing in books "spoils" them, even if I'm going to toss them out. I suspect this exercise didn't do anything to solve that major obstacle.