Saturday, 15 December 2007

Scatterdays D

Sorry, no actual photos this week, it's been that kind of week.

Had I taken photos, they would have been:
Sewing: My trusty darning foot on my sewing machine, and the difficult darts on the stretch cotton sateen pants I'm making, from my tried and true pattern, that did not want to describe my diameter but rather develop it to new dimensions. Dastardly darts! They have been disciplined into doing their duty now.
Vehicles: The dump truck and digger that the helicopter pilot I showed earlier drives when he's not detailed to fly helicopters. I think this toy set might develop into a theme like Pennie's Babushkas!
Touchy Feely: Well obviously, something I like the touch and feel of is David, but to keep this clean and family-oriented, I decided to photograph dirt. Yes, dirt, specifically the very lovely rich clean smelling dirt of my veggie patch, which is rewarding me by producing beans and tomatoes and silverbeet and beans and basil and baby squash and... did I mention the beans? Should anyone desire a few beans for dinner, by all means descend upon my garden to your delight and delectation. It's fast reaching the point when anyone foolish enough to visit me is obliged to leave with a bag of beans. You have been warned.

I also planned to photograph my collection of Dupioni silks. I have metres and metres of maroon Dupioni and magenta Dupioni,and a deep purple and a bright watermelon (this one a find at St Vinnies' op shop), a cerise one and a turquoise shot with purple, a bright blue shot with purple and a dusky pink and a silvery grey-brown. Yep, I love this fabric and whenever I see it at a good price (like half price, or in the case of Vinnies, 2.2m for $6!), I just have to buy it. I expect someone will have to drape them over my coffin in due course, but until then, I love it and occasionally make myself something from it, when I want to feel really special. OK, maybe if I get a minute one day, I'll photograph them for you anyway - they really are delicious!

So this week, you get to exercise your imaginations! On to next week!


Dy said...

As you are so delectably descriptive with your Ds, I can see them all clearly in my mind :-)
Your beans are doing what our cherry tomatoes are doing!

Christina said...

Well done, delightful descriptions of D catergores minus the desired photos but did decided the descriptions did do justice to no design photos on D scatterday

Di said...

Nola, I share your enthusiasm about Dupoin silk. Just love the stuff!!! Maybe I should have saved myself several hours of frustration this week by simply describing my photos. That's the difference in intelligence between some smart people and others ... hmmmm. Well done, Nola!

Dianne said...

Dear Nola my friend with all the right words, love the discriptions . Makes it easy for us to imagine.. Its so sweet your still in love and like to touch..
If you need another D you can use me Dianne LOL......