Sunday, 2 December 2007


I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date.....
Sorry, it's been one of those weeks and yesterday was just one long party. I was busy being the ATASDA librarian (and enjoying the marvellous Christmas Party food)and last night was our neighbours' significant wedding anniversary. My life is just onelong party... So belatedly, here is my Letter M Scatterday, with the categories of Weapons, Textures and Hobby.

My weapon was easy - it's the Mace. On our travels around the Pacific, we collected a club or mace from each country, and here they are displayed. It includes maces and clubs from Samoa, American Samoa, Fiji, New Caledonia, New Zealand and Australia. One of the Samoan ones was made by David from a traditional design, while we were in Samoa, so I guess it counts as a hobby too.

I thought my Texture was going to be easy too, as I took photos of some marvellous mud patterns at Emmdale Roadhouse (even the name is slightly M-ish) on the way out to Broken Hill two years ago. But the photos have mysteriously vanished. So instead I have Minerals, very appropriate for the child of a mining town! I photographed them in the Mining Museum in Broken Hill.

Hobby was also easy, since I'm married to a man with so many of them! Here we have some of his Models. The first is a Ferrari, an early one of his models of which he is inordinately proud, shown mirrored in its cabinet. The second is a working steam engine model - one of the two we own. The other one was made from scratch by David's grandfather - this one is a kit model, which was a present from Ben to David for a significant birthday.

So, all in all, it's taken me more time to type this message than it did to assemble the photos. Just as well, really, as I'm running so late! OK off to see this week's Scatterday.


Pennie & David said...

Nola and David have a stash of Weapons!!! Now that's surprising I would never have guessed LOL Gosh we learn a lot about people through these Scatterdays! Minerals I would have guessed and the models don't surprise me but Weapons... but rather interesting looking aren't they!

Kate said...

Always interesting choices from you Nola. :)

Michelle Watters said...

You never cease to amaze me - a collection of maces? And it seems David is coming in handy!

Dy said...

Very good examples Nola, looks like M suited you down to the ground! Now on to K - eek!