Sunday, 25 November 2007

Election results

Great happiness in this household today! Not only has the Howard government been definitively voted out of office, but it looks as if enough people here in Bennelong have finally decided against John Howard as their local member. There has been a 5% swing against him, towards Labor. Postal votes are still to be counted, of course, so it's too soon to dance about that.

It would be very satisfying if he went down in history, not as the noble successor to Robert Menzies that he imagines himself (Menzies would turn in his grave), but by joining Bruce as the second Prime Minister ever to lose his seat.


Dragonsally said...

Isn't it just wonderful?
I didn't realise you were in Bennelong -what a change for your area
Sal K

Kate said...

Hear, hear! Though as we are in Werriwa a vote for anyone but Labor would be a vote thrown away. :)

Riverina Leadlight & Fine Art said...

I absolutely agree! We also are leaping for joy! It was definitely time for a change and wondered if this would go on forever!!!. I have felt that we have been marking time for the past ten years without any true vision and with little consideration for anyone other than big business. Most of those pollies in Canberra seemed to be increasingly out of touch with most of us average Joe Bloes with the rich getting richer and the workers getting poorer- working harder for less! Let's hope the winds of change bring about a more properous future and quality of life for all us so called "middle class" or average income earners,us hard working Ozzies. Might now also have greater equality of opportunity for the generations deserving of access to education, a happy future with also some money for the arts! Good on you and the electorate.. who said the little man's vote doesn't count!