Saturday, 3 November 2007

Scatterdays Letter A, round things, vegetables and Things you like the smell of

Another Scatterday already!

Today's Scatterday is brought to you by the Letter A:

I love vegetables but artichokes are awful and aubergines barely acceptable. The article I adore is asparagus. Lightly steamed, with a dab of butter - bliss! Here is my asparagus in all its glory, in various states of appreciation and... utterly absent! Yum.

In the round, I bring you those blessings of the modern world, analgesics, including the useful aspirin, and for those who prefer to keep the doctor away, apples.

Lovely smelly things include my roses, which are just finishing their annual, or sometimes biannual, appearance. This rose was in my garden when we arrived in 1984. I was told by a rose fancier that it's called "Abraham Lincoln", though my books say that the red rose like this is actually called Mr Lincoln and I don't think this is it anyway. But today I'm believing the rose fancier. The scent is one of those dark rich rose scents that fill the house from one bloom.

Next week: The letter is O and the categories are Breakfast, Shiny and Little Things.


Liz Needle said...

Popular choices - apples and asparagus. They win the Scatterdays contest this week.

Pennie & David said...

I think someone in your home likes Asparagus! Same here even the grand children like it. I have a beautiful red rose called Altissimo... why didn't I think of that! Easy once you know eh!

Tonniece said...

This is so fun, these scatterday posts. and you are doing wonderfully. Love it.

Michelle Watters said...

I like your A photos. Aspirin! How easy is it when someone else thinks of it.