Saturday, 12 January 2008

Textiles, anything textiles!

All I've blogged about lately is Scatterdays, mostly because my usually slow progress has slowed to a crawl for some weeks. This is one reason why:

Yes, I'm tidying and reorganising my workroom, in preparation for a new year of creative effort. Of course, tidying involves the equivalent of fitting a size 22 body into a size 12 ballgown! I'm gradually making progress, which will be aided by the arrival (soon, I'm promised!) of my second workroom table, with lots of lovely storage underneath it. It will be for cutting and painting and similar standing-up/ sitting on a stool activities.

In between bouts of tidying (it hasn't always looked quite this bad!), I have been making quite a lot of pants. I have trouble buying pants that fit me nicely and I was getting tired of jeans, so I've invested a lot of energy lately in drafting a pattern and making some pants that suit the shape I actually am, not the one some marketing guru thinks I should be. Here are the results:

Not bad, eh? I'm not done yet, the next pair are red.

When I get a moment, I'll show you the results of the Secret Block Swap from last year. I (foolishly) didn't take any photos of the blocks I made so they may take a little while to see, but I will put up the ones from the other members, Lorinda, Karen and Sharon, as soon as I can get to the design wall to lay them out.

I haven't made any art at all lately, but I have a cunning plan to make some ATCs once I get my workroom to rights. Stay tuned!

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