Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Fabric book pages

Something else from last year trickled in last week and I've been trying to find time to share it. Towards the middle of last year, the Like Minded Artist group organised a swap of fabric book pages on the theme of flowers. Each person chose a flower, and made a series of pages on that flower, 6in square with an additional inch at the left for binding. They were sent to Dianne in Canada and she swapped them and sent them back in September.

Alas, the Canadian postal system seemed to be unable to find Australia on its map! The pages came (I'm guessing) on a very slow donkey via Anatolia, Angola and Austria before they finally arrived at my door, four months later. But they were worth the wait.

This is my page, which I made for everyone else. It's a Marguerite Daisy, a flower of which I'm very fond. It thrives in my garden with little attention, always looks green and lush and flowers robustly so that my grandson always has flowers to pick for Grandma. It's not a flashy plant, but it brightens up my life.

Candace's page. Her flower was Tragopogon dubius, Yellow Goatsbeard. She says,"The green bracts were applied with fusible web and the petals were stamped with Lumiere in gold. The centre of the flower is a yarn wrapped pipe cleaner and the stem was done with a glue gun (on parchment paper) painted with Lumiere in metallic olive green and sealed with a matte finish spray. Thread used for the grasses are by Rainbow Gallery." Wow.

Carole's Foxglove page. Carole fused scraps of purple fabric under tulle, embroidered by hand and machine over the top, and I think she may have painted too? She's really captured the fierce uprightness of foxgloves, hasn't she?

Theresa's flower. Theresa sent me a complete mini workshop on how she made her flower, tucked into a pocket in the back. The background has tissue lame fused over the rayon background, with multicoloured ribbon stitched over it. More ribbon was gathered and stitched in place, along with the velvet leaves. The flower petals were fused to organza, hand stitched in place and beaded. Isn't it amazing?

Diana's flower was the tulip. She applied pale organza to the background, and tulip appliques, free-motion stitched in variegated thread. She added a label and ribbon, attached with a pink brad. I love the delicacy of this one.

Carol in Scotland chose a Scottish flower, Fritilaria Imperialis. Her flower was based on an image manipulated in Paint Shop Pro, printed onto fabric prepared with BubbleJet Set and intensively machine stitched. I so love this page! I'm not sure if you can see in the photo but the background stitching follows the lines of the manipulated image, suggesting a whole rich background of foliage.

Dianne's flower was, I think, a variety of lilium. She used some of her rusted fabric as the background and painted the image with water colour pencils, gel pens, copper and metallic paints. Isn't it great? She added some vintage tatting as a border. Dianne said she felt bad that she hadn't stitched much, but I don't think she has anything at all to feel bad about!

I'm not sure what Margot's flower is (sorry, Margot! My flower recognition is deserting me!)but I think it's an iris of some kind. The background is a luscious shiny embroidered silk, and the flower image is surrounded by pleated silk ribbon, held in place by beads and pearls. It's so deliciously rich.
More to come...

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Jenny said...

Nola, Thanks for posting these. They are awesome! What a treasure to have! Love your Marguerite Daisy, simple, elegant & beautifully executed. Well done!