Sunday, 13 April 2008

Just too damn busy!

Sorry, no Scatterdays this week, though I did have some ideas. The K thing I like the smell of is my kitchen, especially on Friday when I made tomato sauce, pumpkin soup and chicken and vegetable soup. Mmm! My K hobby is, of course, knitting, and you could have seen my lovely rose red jumper, which just needs assembling and a collar. I expect it will appear here when I have some sitting-down time that's not at the computer to finish it. And while office things were a challenge, since I don't go to an office, I did think of keys, which I used to have when I did, and, in desperation, klebestift, which is the German word on my gluestick.

But I can share some drawings. I always want to draw much more than I actually do, so I'm trying to use those in-between times to draw. Today's in-between time was waiting for the virus scan to confirm that the sneaky little virus I picked up online (not via email) had been soundly dealt with by my sharp-toothed anti-virus software. This one interested me because of the difficult angles that weren't sharp but rounded:
I'm not very happy with it but that's the point of drawing - to get better at it.

I called this one Xray heron. The bird is backlit by strong sunlight relfecting off water and you can see the pinions overlapping and even some of the bones in the wing. I didn't expect to capture that translucence (and I didn't) but it was fun to try to draw it. I imagine angel's wings having this kind of relationship to light.

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cinzia said...

I love the herons ... mind you the boxes would be closer to my level ..... if I improved that is.