Thursday, 3 April 2008


Thanks to Margaret's blog, I was reminded about string stamps last week. I haven't made them for years, since my kids were young! We're talking about twenty-five years here! So I decided to have a play.

I made these three stamps in about ten minutes.

I found that the easiest method was to rub a blob of PVA glue between finger and thumb and then run the string through it. The string is nice and sticky, but you can use an awl or tweezers or your relatively clean other hand to manipulate it into place on the card.

I made some prints with leftover red paint.

Then I was overwhelmed by the impulse to colour in.
These ones will get a lot more colour than this, over time. I envisage them as iridescent with colour, eventually.

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MargaretR said...

Glad I remeinded you of these Nola! they turned out really well.
I've just been laughing bout your last post and i have also learnt something from the previous post. I never knew you could use Hairspray to transfer!