Sunday, 6 April 2008


Scatterday again! I'm sure those Time Monks have been pinching time off me this week. Stop it!

This week's letter was A again and the categories were Restaurants, Things you find in the dark and Turquoise. I ate at the Austrian Schnitzelhaus with our Swiss friends last weekend but of course, I didn't take the damn camera, did I? I haven't been back since to take the photo I should have taken. The food was good and our friend appreciated the opportunity to drink a few authentic Austrian beers.

However, I did better with the other categories. The Things you find in the dark around here are Arachnids. We had an accumulation of leaf curl spiders early in the summer, followed belatedly by the more usual St Andrew's Cross spiders. The leaf curlers are annoying because they insist on their particular abode, despite the annoyance of always rebuilding their webs. The St Andrew's Cross spiders are smarter - if their webs are annihilated, they build them higher, above head height. I am accustomed to gardening under an umbrella of arachnid accommodation!

I had trouble finding turquoise at first. My acrylic paints don't include any turquoise just at present. But then I realised we have many turquoise Artefacts - a turquoise hippo, copy of an Egyptian artfact in the British Museum, a turquoise owl (of course), also a copy of an Egyptian artefact, and a modern pitcher bought from an artisan's atelier. I also own a cute Album, full of photos of my god-daughter and her sister, an attractive and appreciated annual event.

So please overlook the absence of the Austrian Schnitzelhaus. Clearly I need to take my camera with me *everywhere*!


Stephanie said...

SNAP with the arachnids Nola - I have photos of both the St Andrews and the leaf curler but neith as interesting as my hairy legged one.

Lindi said...

I also had arachnids. I love all your turquoise artifacts. Lovely depth of colours!

Pennie & David said...

You got me going on the Austrian Schnitzelhaus Nola so I did a little Google... looks very good, I've put it in my Restaurants Bookmarks LOL