Wednesday, 23 April 2008

New bag

I haven't posted much lately because the Real World, in the form of Mum's new kitchen, Karen's wedding plans and the urgent need to book accommodation in London and Paris, has been impinging on my virtual life. Enough, I say! I managed to get into the workroom long enough to be a little creative.
I bought these fabrics a few months ago, with a bag in mind.

First I quilted some of the fabric:
You can't really see the quilting here but it's a free-motion design of leaves and the odd flower (some of them very odd!). It shows up a little better on the back:

Then I cut out and assembled the bag: It's from a pattern, McCalls 4118. It's the first time I've ever made a bag from a commercial pattern and, while I really like the way it looks, I really wasn't happy with the design. I found the final seams, across the side bottom of the bag, were too thick (six layers of fabric, three of batting) to be sewn by machine and were a challenge sewn by hand with stab stitching. It would have been easy to design it in a way that ensured this didn't happen, so I'll be making some adaptations of this design when I make the next one. But I do like the way it looks! Here's a closer up view:

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