Friday, 27 July 2007

Challenge quilts

OK, here are some others of the 2007 challenge group, posted with permission.
Maggie's "I wish I had a dog" quilt:

Lyn's quilt:

Robbie's quilt:

Kathryn's quilt:

Pennie's quilt:

Aren't they a clever bunch?

Pennie is currently setting up a blog for the past challenges, which you can visit at She's up to about 2004 now!


Tonniece said...

Well I've really run out of words to describe all the wonderfuly amazing work you ladies do.
I went to Pennies blog and scrolled to the very end. All I can say is


Saved to my fave's.

Thanks again Nola

Dianne said...

I second that WOW WOW WOW
What a talend bunch of ladies and they loook like they are lots of fun too.
The work is fantastic I too have put in in my favs.. Thanks Nola for sharing your a doll......

Nola said...

Yes, they are a great group and all so different in what they make. I see Pennie has reached the present with the photos, so not much will happen now unti next year, I expect.

katelnorth said...

Thanks so much to you and your group for sharing the challenge photos - I really enjoy seeing results of a challenge and when I saw your post the other day, I too really wondered what all the others looked like! Amazing how many different creative ideas people can come up with, using the same fabrics...