Monday, 16 July 2007

Coming up from under

I’ve been a little swamped by life this month. Happily, the computer is back up and running sweetly, and I can show you the little I’ve achieved this month.

First, the quilt I can’t show you is a finished top. I thought, for all of about five seconds, of pinning it for quilting, but then I calculated I had about two hours this week to devote to quilting it, and the madness passed. I will show you a photo after the unveiling next Sunday.

Looking back over the years I’ve been doing this quilt challenge has made me consider yet again how effectively (or not) I work. I started doing these challenges in 2000, so this is the eighth year for me (the original pair of challengers have done nine). So far the tally is four finished items and four unfinished, on an alternating basis. So, it suggests I really only have one finished quilting project in me every two years! Maybe I ought to do the challenge just every second year?

However, more cheerfully, I have finished some projects! Remember the yarn I showed you a photo of back in June? Well here it is as a jumper. I still love the colour! Shame about the model but one can’t have everything!

Not only that but I have finished the jacket I cut out in February as an autumn garment. Well it will be great for spring! It goes deliciously with a lot of colours I wear – burgundy, pink, cocoa. It wasn’t difficult to make, but it kept getting pushed aside. I’m so pleased at how well the stripes matched, thanks to very good instructions in Power Sewing Step by Step, by Sandra Betzina. My next plan is to make some winter pants. I’ve drafted a pattern from scratch this time, and plan to make a toile first, before I cut into my treasured wool yardage.

And do you remember that scarf design? I’ve begun stitching it, and this is what it looks like so far.
The shine is from the layer of Romeo onto which I traced my design. The scarf fabric is very soft, so I’ve had to hoop the design for stitching, which I really hate doing. But the results are worth it. The scarf was a free giveaway from the shopping centre on Mother’s Day 2006. I just know I’m going to love it so much better with this embellishment!


Dianne said...

Your Jumper is lovely but not a beautiful as the smiling model..
Your scraf is going to be stunning I can't wait to see it finished..
Since your a working women I think you do enough work on your quilting.
Don't forget you must have time to just have fun or just veg..
I love the pic of you...

Tonniece said...

Great to see you at long last, and with such a big smile too. LOL

All your projects turned out lovely Nola, I especially like the colors in the jacket, Your right, they go with alot of things.
The scarf looks great, I like the blue/grey of it.
Good to see you back.

Carol said...

I love the sweater and it's beautifully modelled. The jacket is gorgeous and I am sure it's a delight to wear.

I love seeing works progress and your scarf design is no exception. It's beautiful and having seen your work up close and personal I know just how stunning it is.