Thursday, 26 July 2007

Those challenge pieces

So many people asked me about the challenge pieces that some of the members of the challenge have kindly allowed me to share their work here. Not all of them have blogs themselves and access to our photo files is limited to group members. Hopefully one day soon the group will have its own blog.

Most people in the group were less than thrilled with the fabrics chosen this year, and it was a real struggle for some to make anything at all!
Brenda's block, which she has promised to turn into a quilt by next year

Donna's stunning jacket....

And the back!

Michelle's amazing woven pieces, beautifully framed

Stephanie's vest....

...and the back.

Loz's trip around the world, with a clever map print on the back.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!


Tonniece said...

Thanks Nola. And a big thanks to the ladies also for shareing their creations, These are awesome.

Dianne said...

The Ladies did some wonderful stuff with the material, the vest are really cool, I love the ones in the frames they are simple but look stunning framed.. Please thank the kind Ladies for sharing their work with us..