Monday, 7 May 2007

Baby steps

I am so frustrated! I'm not getting much done just now - too many other things happening in my life. Nice things like sitting in my sunny family room sewing and chatting with friends, and going to the ATASDA Social Day. But no actual textile progress, except for:
* sewing one of the three patchwork friendship blocks I am making each month for friends - Secret Women's Business, so I can't share them here
* piecing together the sections of Like Honey From the Rock, which worked out well. Except one section of rock has printed out noticably paler than the others and I didn't really notice until it was too late. I need to find some time to put a colour wash over the lot to bring them closer together in colour, before I start stitching.
* masking Valley Mist ready for painting again
* sewing a little more on the jacket I have been making since February. I desperately need some winter clothes, so I need to get this jacket finished so I can move on.
* sewing together some of the last blocks on my son and daughter-in-law's quilt - they might actually get it one of these years!

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