Saturday, 12 May 2007

Happy 80th Auntie Pat!

No textile work today, because we were celebrating Auntie Pat's 80th birthday up in our beautiful Blue Mountains. I did take yet more photos of trees, which I'm interested in at present. Cousin Megan's garden has some beautiful blue gums and her neighbour has this spectacular red gum. (I won't bore you with the other tree pics!)

While I was painting yesterday, I decided to add a brown wash to Like Honey from the Rock, just on the section that was too light in tone. The painting browned it down quite a lot, which doesn't worry me, but it has also brought the tonal value closer to the other rocks. It will be partly covered by the mineral image, but I am happier that it won't be obviously lighter.

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Tonniece said...

I like this one much better now. you can really see all the lines and tones.