Friday, 11 May 2007

More painting

Hooray, the painting on Valley Mist is just about finished! Once I heat-set today's painting, I can wash out the masking medium and see what I actually have. It's tricky, because the paint goes on over the mask quite happily but, in an ideal world, doesn't adhere to the fabric. However, the masking medium dries clear, so it means you aren't quite sure exactly how thorough your coverage of the fabric has been, until you discover paint where you didn't want it!

All I did today was add the darkest tone, which is the foreground. I lightened that tone a little and used the resulting dark-medium tone to paint in some shadows on the other hills. I think I might need a little more of that before I start stitching. There are also a couple of areas that got masked that shouldn't have, so they will need painting once the medium comes out.

I'm really enjoying the process of this, but it doesn't help that the deadline for finished work is Jun 2!

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Dianne said...

Hey Nola
This look great already I can just imaine once you start stitching it will be friggin awesome..