Sunday, 10 June 2007

Attending to Details

I've been rather quiet lately, but mostly because I've been attending to details on works I've already done the fun part on. I always find the finishing off really tedious!

I finished off two postcards, with two more to come. Instead of satin stitching them I thought I'd try a really neat binding that I saw on one of Erica's swapped ATCs. I forget who made that ATC so I can't credit her more directly, but I think it may have been Ellie Neil. Like most things, it was a little trickier than it seemed but I really like the effect. It's done like a traditional quilt binding, but the back edge is left raw, so it isn't as bulky as a traditional binding.

I cut 3/4in strips for my bindings, but that mostly because I had text on the back of the cards that I didn't want to obscure. I think 1in might be better. I cut mine along the straight grain of the fabric but I soon realised that bias strips would be way better, because they don't fray!
You stitch the binding onto the front of the postcards, right sides together, mitring the corners. I used an 1/8in seam, as I wanted the edge to be barely there.
Then you turn the binding to the back, and glue the raw edge in place. I used PVA but you could use something more temporary. This is the rock upon which I founder, because glue and I are not good friends. Glue always seems to want to escape my tender ministrations in all directions, even using an applicator and being really, really careful. But if you don't have my love-hate relationship with glue, you won't have any problems here.
Once the back is bonded into place, you free motion stitch over the binding. I used a zigzag motion on one postcard, like the ATC, and a pattern of little circles on the other. You could also use a programmed stitch on your machine.

This is the back of the Heartland postcard:

and a close up of the binding at the front and back:

This is the stitching on the Byzantium postcard:

I had thought I might finish Rites of Passage this way too, but I don't trust myself with the gluepot! It's having a more traditional binding. I may stitch over the binding, just haven't decided yet. But no glue!

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