Thursday, 25 October 2007

A bit of dressmaking

I've been busy doing little bits of this and that, but not making huge progress on anything. But I have cracked the pants fitting problem, at least until I gain or lose weight. I seem to have been living in jeans, because I couldn't find ready-made pants that fitted well and were in fabrics I liked . This is what the first pair looks like:

It's a lousy photo, and I should really have been wearing shoes. I had great plans to have David take a better photo but that deoesn't seem to be happening, so this one will have to do.These pants were made from mid blue drill as a toile, and have a back zipper. I'm not mad keen on back zippers, so the next pair, almost finished in black drill, has a standard fly front and jeans-style pockets. They're a bit looser because I forgot that I had allowed slightly-larger-than-usual seam allowances for fitting. But they are still wearable, which is good since I have no intention of taking them apart! I have about half a dozen different pants fabrics waiting their turn now.


Tonniece said...

Ab-so-lute-ly won-der-ful, I wish I could make my own clothes,(pants especially, since I've always had a hard time buying long enough one in stores).

Dianne said...

Hey great job, you'll be the best dress gal on the block:):)