Saturday, 27 October 2007

Scatterday J, pointy things, restaurant and sport

Oh dear, a sad haul for this week! I decided at the start that the things I photographed would be on my daily round, not something I made a special trip for. There are no restaurants beginning with J, or Japanese resturants, anywhere I went this week, and while I had brilliant ideas about sport, no javelin throwers, ju-jitsuists, judoers or long jumpers presented themselves locally, despite diligent searching. The space in a croquet hoop is called a jaw, but the croquet players were washed out this week, and the local sportspersons have hung up their football jerseys for the season. C'est la vie.

I should have known it would be like this because I found my pointy thing almost immediately last Saturday. Here it is:

These are jenny calipers, also known as hermaphrodite calipers. They're used to scribe a line parallel to the edge of something, so the hook end goes around the edge and the pointy end does the scribing. "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio..."


Christina said...

Congratulations at least you came up with one I couldn't even do that

Dy said...

You've wowed me with science Nola - I've never even heard of jenny calipers, thank for educating me! When you say scribe does that mean it etchs or draws?

Michelle Watters said...

And where the dickens does one find a set of jenny calipers in our walk through life?

Pennie & David said...

A lovely day for Jenny's, yours is very clever and pointy and I spent yesterday with two Jenny's but they were nicely rounded :-) Oh Dear! I'm so funny!! Good Effort Nola, one is better than none and I would have been very hard put if I didn't have Michael my Jockey!

Kate said...

oh you know? gorgeous. I couldn't have done it. LOL

Dianne said...

You too funny and again educating us all yes the Lady with all that knowlege and gladly sharing it..
Big hugs to you Missy..