Sunday, 7 October 2007

Journal quilts

Isn't it interesting to revisit where you were a few years ago? You look at your work and see different things you could have done, that would make it a better piece. Well, that's what happens to me anyway! But most of my pieces are here with me, so there isn't a sense of novelty to revisit them.

I made this little journal quilt in 2004 but it has been visiting my daughter, on its way to its new owner. But I realised I hadn't put a hanging sleeve on it, so it came home again a couple of weeks ago. I still like it and find it fun, though I might do some bits differently if I were making it today.

It's called Hell in a Handbasket in honour of Kas's friend Helen, who will eventually own it, once I put that hanging sleeve on it. I've found the rest of the backing fabric so that's a start, anyway!


Anonymous said...

wow Nola - that panel is absolutely beautiful!!! So full of energy ... great!

I'm sure Helen will really love it.

Congrats once again :-)

Sue :-)

Tonniece said...

Great name for this piece Nola. I really like it.

Lucky Helen