Tuesday, 9 October 2007

A new project... well, an old one

I've started working on another project. "Another?" I hear you say. "Does she ever actually finish anything?" Well yes, sometimes I do, but this is actually progressing a long term project.

Back in the nineties, I started making 12in blocks for a quilt for myself. At that stage I was making lots of quilts for other people, including ones for a local charity called The Shack, but I don't think I'd made one just for me. I bought a whole lot of several fabrics that I really liked, in colours that I knew David would also like. I made a couple of sample blocks - one called Memory and one called Best of All. All up, I made about a dozen blocks before it got set aside.

In March 2000, I decided that what this quilt needed was some needleturn applique. I worked out a design, based on some traditional motifs, some quilts I saw in magazines and inspired by the Jacobean Applique book. Here's what the applique looks like:

It's 20 1/2in finished.
It was a bit crumpled from being stored so I just gave it a cursory swipe with the iron for photography purposes (as one does).

The Best of All blocks looks like this:

and the one Memory block I'd made looked like this:

I decided it's a bit dark so I've changed the centre colour to apricot:

That looks better! (Sorry, it's a night time photo)

So now I'm hand piecing the rest of these blocks.
This is what the quilt will look like when it's finished(the blank areas will have applique, yet to be designed):

I'm actually working on this quilt now because, in March 2000, David expressed the intention of building us a bed. It would have chip carving decoration and deep drawers underneath to store quilts, and the deal was I would make the quilt to go on it. Yes, you're right; although he works almost as slowly as I do, he finished the bed early this year and he's very properly asking "where's our quilt?" It may take me a little time....


Lindi said...

I really like your design, Nola, and the blocks look good, too.
Happy creating!

Tonniece said...

I had to laugh at
you "Another?" "Does she ever actually finish anything" comment. That sounded too much like me. LOL
But I figure that it's the end result that counts, (on the ones I actually do finish, that is).

Loveing how your blocks are comeing along.

Hope your hands are feeling better too.

Have a good one.