Saturday, 13 October 2007


My friends Michelle and Pennie talked me into doing Scatterdays, an idea dreamed up by Michelle and Dy to encourage us to take more photos and blog about it. Each week we have one letter, 3 categories and have to find and photograph something from each category that starts with that letter. Why? Just for the fun of it! This week's letter was F and the categories were Cold Things, Signs and The Elements.

OK, I found heaps of signs I liked. Mr Fong and the entire Asia Pacific region seem to have joined together to sell Fresh Food in Eastwood shopping centre, and I couldn't resist the ubiquitous Fire signs (how often do you actually notice them in public places? Let's hope we never need to know where they are!) I am always amused by these Floodway signs in the middle of the same shopping centre (just outside the library). Guess why this is a Flood-prone area? Because, in my mother-in-law's childhood in Eastwood, this used to be a LAKE! People went boating on it. Now it's an oval and a shopping centre but nobody thought to tell the water. (I guess this could count as an aspect of The Elements too?) And Francis the Fresh Fish Man has been coming, in various guises, to my local shopping centre since before 1984, when we moved into this area. (I think we're on Francis IV.)If you look carefully you can even see a portion of Francis' anatomy that I won't name.

I had fabulous ideas about cold Food but, just to be on the safe side, I photographed the very tidy Freezer of my Fridge, with Frozen Peas and other Frozen Food. But then I thought of those great staples of Australian entertaining, Feta cheese and French Onion dip. And I am Fond of Feta and David's Favourite dip is French Onion. (OK, maybe Fish ones, but he got French Onion...)

I foundered upon The Elements. In the final absence of the photos of the Hawkesbury River in flood, which are clearly among those photos *not* carefully put into photo albums, I fell back upon this photo of fractonimbus clouds from Lord Howe Island. I should make you look it up, but I'll be kind. Fractonimbus clouds are raggedy, broken-up, wispy clouds formed by wind or air currents underneath a layer of nimbus (rain-bearing) clouds. You can see them on the lower part of the nearest cloud. So now you know.

P, you say? And Red, Sweet Things and Metal. Hmm. How obscure can I make this without driving myself nuts?


Michelle Watters said...

Well done Nola. I love your signs. And you have a much tidier freezer than me! Are you hooked on Scatterday yet?

Liz Needle said...

Wow!!! What an incredible first effort - you over achiever you. LOL

Jenny said...

What a great idea! Should be some great sources of inspiration amongst this. Definately makes one take notice of our surroundings.

Fran said...

Fractonimbus is how I feel some days!

Nola said...

I know how you feel, Fran!

Scatterday is a bit addictive! I'm carrying my camera everywhere I go now, and that can't be a bad thing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nola

Love the idea of "Scatterdays" .... could get very addictive!!!

Look forward to seeing your photos up at the end of each weekend :-)

Sue :-)